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1. Can anyone rec some actually good Sailor Moon fic? Preferrably involving Sailor Uranus, since she’s my favorite!

2. I’m looking for a fic I read in… 2003? A long time ago. It was a “historical” fic set during the Moon Kingdom era involving Uranus and Neptune. I know at one point Uranus got hit by a pillar, I think while Neptune was drawing her? That’s a bizarre recollection. It was definitely a few chapters long. Likely it was on, but I can’t find it now.

→ Anonymous whispered : Was John ever used as a ball in high school?


Oh no, a lot of things were different during high school!


pecorabruna whispered : Hi, just wondering what your take is on that famous Mycroft quote: 'My brother has the brain of a philosopher or a scientist, yet elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?' – what do you deduce, Ivy?


The easy answer is that Sherlock tells us why he’s a detective: it’s a replacement addiction. Either he solves crimes, or he gets high. Apparently being a scientist or a philosopher wouldn’t provide the same kind of high. There it is! Done and dusted, right? Should we believe him?

Much like his creators, Sherlock lies. He lies to project an image of himself that he tries to embody, even through it really doesn’t fit. So perhaps we shouldn’t take his explanations of his own choices at face value.

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→ Anonymous whispered : my close friends going out with a complete dickhead at the moment ._. what kind of advice do you think sherlock (or any of his friends!) would have for her on getting out of this toxic relationship?



Aw, that sucks! :c Love makes blind I guess. But I’m sure that you will be there for her, no matter what, and thats great! ♥